Chiropractic Care at Wren Chiropractic Center!

Welcome to Wren Chiropractic Center

ChiropracticWhen you come in please sign in at the front desk and relax in our reception Area with 3 TV screens and Happy Hour Cart from 3-6pm Monday – Thursday. We fully believe in entertaining our patients and treating you like family while you wait.  You will be asked to complete our New Patient form or you can click here to complete it.

Next, you will come into the “Coach’s Office” to do a  thorough consultation with Dr. Wren or Dr. Matt to go over past doctors you have seen, what your health is like, where you are having pain or what issues you have all at NO COST to you.  So if you just want to come talk and don’t decide to become a patient that is ok.

Then if chiropractic is right for you we will go over payment arrangements with you and get you ready to take 3 standing X-Rays of the whole spine from top to bottom.  Then you will cross our hall and a nerve scan (don’t worry we don’t use needles) designed by NASA we have used since 1990 to measure nerve activities to fully determine if Chiropractic is right for you.

After you become a patient of Wren Chiropractic Center you will start out in our therapy room then walk back to our adjusting room. Before getting adjusted we ask you pull your X-Ray every time so the doctor  can see exactly where your spine is curved and where you might have any pinched nerves. When getting adjusted to make it more comfortable for you we will use our Impulse Adjusting Instrument that will do 17, 34 or 67 pounds of force, but isn’t harmful at all.  This makes it very specific, repetitive with lighter force.

If you have any questions for Wren Chiropractic Center please click here to email the doc or give our office a call 903.893.7733. We hope this is helpful and can’t wait to see you soon!